I found a hole in the ductwork above my home office

The interior hot as well as cold temperatures in my home office are always warmer than the rest of the house.

The home office is situated all the way on the other side of the house, a great distance from the heating as well as cooling machine.

Still, I should have plenty of air flow in the home office. It’s the only room in the whole home that has many AC air vents. When I noticed a major concern with the home office hot as well as cold temperatures, I wanted to check to see if the issue was with the ductwork. When there are holes in the ductwork, air can escape into the attic instead of into the home where it is used to cool the arena down. I purchased a thermometer as well as I put it in my home office. I checked the air 3 days in a row as well as my home office was 7° warmer than the rest of the home on all many days. I realized there was some type of major concern as well as that has when I decided to go into the attic to look at my heating as well as cooling components. I made sure it was dark in the attic when I started looking at the ductwork. It made it much easier to see any potential holes. When I got close to the area above my home office, I found the concern in the ductwork. One of the pieces of ductwork was not even attached to the rest of the ventilation system. Air was escaping as well as dust as well as dirt was entering the system through the hole. I grabbed some gray duct tape from the garage as well as carefully put the ductwork back.


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