I Found An Interesting Furnace Filter

While I was looking online through many websites to see if I could find a furnace filter for sale, I came across one that looked too good to be true.

Also, the price was rather high for a single furnace filter.

The filter was called the ultimate furnace and a/c filter. First off, how in the world can a furnace and an air conditioning system run off the same filter? It was saying that the filter could be used in both a furnace and a central air conditioning system. That makes totally no sense to me. Now I am no HVAC specialist or expert, but common sense tells me this is not possible. Or, who knows, maybe it is, with the way the HVAC technology of today is going. But the price of this thing is what got me the most. They wanted almost one hundred dollars for one single air filter! I seen and read some reviews on the website about this so called miracle filter. Oh, did I mention, they also said it is a washable air filter too. The reviews were mixed. Mostly great reviews praising the product. However, you don’t know how many of those website reviews are real, and which ones are fake placed there by the company. So, I stuck with reading the bad reviews and medium rated reviews on this miracle furnace and a/c filter. At least those I know were real. Surprisingly, this filter is not a rip off or some kind of scam. Though, it’s not what it’s cracked up to be. So i’ll pass on it.


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