I love salmon fishing, but does it need to be so cold?

My husband has always dreamed about going salmon fishing.

I called our sons and asked them if they would go fishing with their dad, if I were to pay for it. Two of our sons said I didn’t have to pay and they would split the cost with me. It worried the other three about work and they didn’t want to commit. What they didn’t know was that I had to have an answer immediately so I could get a good price. They had a three-bedroom cabin complete with heating. The furnace was electric and there was also a fireplace. They said the fireplace was in case a storm blew in and the power went out. They had a generator, but it wouldn’t keep the heating system running. They hopped on a small bush plane at the airport that flew them into the camping area. They needed to take all their provisions, or they would supply it for an added cost. They even included the fishing gear. There was a guide that stayed with them to make sure no one got lost and to guide them to the best fishing area. I ended up with definite yeses from all but one son by the end of the week. Even with the fireplace in the cabin, my husband kept telling me it was cold. He said it was the best birthday present he could have ever imagined. He then told me that if I had been there to warm him up at night, it would have been even better. Next time he goes, he doesn’t want it to be so cold.