I love this ductless heat pump

It turns out that the pandemic had some positive fallout for me.

For sure, I didn’t love being stuck inside the central air conditioner of my home for much of that time.

And the fact that there was so much tragedy happening for so many people still makes myself and others sad. Yet, I did a couple of things during all this that has changed the trajectory of my life. First, I decided to enjoy not being inside the zone controlled Heating & Air Conditioning of the office to seize control of my life and my work schedule. Too often, the corporation & the office have come first in my life. So I decided that I’d start to work from the air conditioner at home & then the rest of the day was mine. This led myself and others to get out of the air conditioner each day for a little exercise. That was a big change for myself and others as I’ve been too sedentary for too long. Going from staying inside the commercial Heating & Air Conditioning of the office to resting in my recliner all night long wasn’t healthy. But it was so interesting how getting more focused on my health & wellness triggered other big swings. Suddenly, I entirely had the confidence to finally get out on my own & follow my passions in life. I like what I do for a living but didn’t love working for the corporation. So I decided to go out on my own as a professional consultant. I have 2 decades of industry comprehension along with a vast network of contacts. So I cleared out the guest room, got a ductless heat pump installed & went to work. These days, I’m doing great working from home with the truly amazing quality of heating & air produced by the ductless heat pump.

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