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I totally love motion pictures but actually working in the motion picture business I think would be terrible. I feel actors have gotten seriously spoiled to the point that they would ruin the whole job for me. They require their own trailers, food plus arrive when they want. I bet everything on set of the motion picture has to be flawless. Can you imagine Nicole Kidman’s face if the lighting was not totally on point? I bet Tom Cruise does not allow inferior clothing on his body whatsoever. Think about just the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C on set for a motion picture. These actors are regularly filming in all sorts of locations. When they actually film a motion picture set in a colder climate, I easily know the actors will not freeze. These high paying stars are not willing to go without proper heating. They will act in the freezing conditions plus once they eventually break character, they need climate control. I bet it is actually lavish plus time consuming coming up with various ways to supply quality temperature control. Some motion pictures are in the mountains too! Do they lug the trailers with the oil furnace unit in it? Perhaps some guy’s work is to lug portable area oil furnaces plus to bring a generator for a massive heating machine. What about motion pictures in tropical locations? Actors don’t want to sweat plus get sunburned. For a beach scene, I bet there are all kinds of spots where AC is incredibly handy… You never see a sweaty actor in a beach motion picture. They must have to bring tons of cooling or secure it in every area. I bet that is at least the dedicated job for somebody. They need to find the source of Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C for every motion picture set.

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