I plan to visit tampa

Tampa, Florida is one of my favorite places to visit in all of the Sunshine State. My family and I live about 200 miles away from Tampa. If we want to spend the weekend enjoying the activities in Tampa, Florida, we have to stay overnight in a hotel. It’s too far to drive one day. Last weekend, my family and I decided to spend all weekend in Tampa. We booked a hotel downtown, with free parking, free complimentary breakfast, and a free shuttle to many area destinations. The hotel was located a few minutes away from Clearwater Beach. We don’t usually visit Clearwater Beach very often, when we go to Tampa. The weather was extremely nice during our visit, and we spent the morning hours watching the sunrise over the beach. It was one of the highlights from our weekend away. There are a lot of activities that are family oriented in Tampa, Florida. My family and I enjoy walking around downtown, which doesn’t cost any money at all. Other than paying for parking, you can walk around all day and only spend a few dollars. Tampa has a number of free activities for families as well, including free outdoor Parks, free museum days, and free days at the art gallery. There is always something free for the kids, as long as you research the area. If you live close to Tampa, I would recommend taking a weekend to enjoy the sights and sounds. Tampa has a lot to offer, and it has easily become one of the Premier tourist destinations in Florida.