I was a bit shocked

Today, the temperature is 43 degrees.  That might not seem all that warm, but with the weather we’ve been having, it feels like a heatwave.  We’ve had several weeks straight of temperatures in the lower teens, with non stop snowfall. Today, the snow is finally melting.  The sky is clear and the sun is shining. I was able to lower the thermostat enough to shut the furnace down. I’m hoping to save a little on my monthly energy bill.  Since I’m typically running the furnace for nearly eight straight months, I’m excited to get a bit of a break. This morning I took the opportunity to change the air filter, and clean all of the vents. The nice weather has definitely given me a boost of energy.  Because the roads are finally clear, and it’s safe to drive, I also decided to get some Christmas shopping done. I didn’t even need to run the heater in the car and actually cracked the window to enjoy some fresh air. Unfortunately, as soon as I stepped inside the mall, I was hit with overheated air.  Despite the warm outdoor temperature, the stores were still running their heating systems at maximum capacity. I quickly became sweaty, uncomfortable and fatigued. It was nearly impossible to escape the influx of hot air from the many vents in the ceilings. I noticed that shoppers were in a rush to leave the stores.   I was anxious to escape the heat, and get back outside. That will be the end of my Christmas shopping at the mall. From now on, I’ll shop online, at home, with access to my thermostat.