I went fishing after I got my furnace replaced

I’ve been fishing regularly since I was a little kid.

I started going fishing with my parents when I was only 4 years old.

We grew up on a piece of property that had a small lake with small and largemouth bass. I loved fishing for bass when I was a little kid. I actually got fairly good at it and learned a few strategies of my own. For instance, if I wanted to catch the bigger fish, I would often get these fake lures which looked like large nightcrawler earthworms. If I tried catching live worms and you used those instead, only the little fish would bite them. The largemouth bass of good proportion always went after the fake earthworms by the sheer size of them. Recently I got to go fishing for the first time in months while I waited on my furnace to get replaced by the HVAC company. My wife stayed at home with the heating coin technician as he replaced our heating system. I told my wife that if I caught any snapper while I was out I would bring them home and clean them so we could cook them for dinner. While I didn’t catch any snapper that day, I was excited to learn that the furnace was working perfectly well now that it was finally installed. I appreciate that my wife gave me a chance to go fishing for a little while as our furnace was replaced at home. Next time we have an HVAC repair or replacement, I’m going to be the one who stays home while my wife gets a day to herself.
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