I wish I had listened to our mom.

No 1 wants to admit that their mother was right.

I had to say I should have listened to our mother, especially now that I am an adult.

Whenever I ask our mother for advice; I don’t follow it. Inevitably, I find out that she is most likely going to be right. I don’t suppose if it is because of her age, or just that she has experienced the same situation and had a reading moment. That happened to myself and others when I was complaining about all the dust in our house. Dad told myself and others I should call the Heating and A/C corporation and have them send out a crew of professional HVAC duct cleaners. I called the Heating and A/C dealer, although I put in a service call for our gas furnace. I was sure that there was something wrong with the gas furnace. The heating wasn’t working always, however our gas furnace was running all the time. When the Heating and A/C professional arrived, she went all over the gas furnace. She told myself and others she thought there was a lot of stress on the gas furnace because of lack of airflow. When I asked what could cause an airflow problem, she told myself and others there could be a blockage in the HVAC duct. She asked how long it had been since I had the HVAC duct cleaned? I had no system when that was; I only knew that I hadn’t had the HVAC duct cleaned since I had moved into the house. I moved into the home nearly multiple years ago. Had I listened to our mom, I would have had the HVAC duct cleaned and the gas furnace would be working again. I don’t care for it when she is right.



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