Ice Buildup on AC System Wasn’t Actually Good

A few weeks ago, I asked my fiance to look into our Heating and A/C plan because it wasn’t running appreciate it should.

I felt appreciate some of the rooms in our house were inconsistent in temperature and that the air wasn’t flowing through the air vents properly.

My fiance didn’t recognize there was a problem, although he agreed to look at the AC system, however later that day, he told myself and others that everything looked enjoyable and that he didn’t recognize the two of us needed to call in a professional. My suspicions about the AC plan only grew worse because the inconsistent temperature and air flow became more obvious. Instead of asking my fiance to check the AC plan again, I just called the local Heating and A/C contractor and requested them to come take a look. The Heating and A/C specialist who showed up could notice a difference in the temperature and the lack of airflow instantly, so he went to look at the equipment. Right away, he noticed that there was ice forming on the AC equipment and he was anxious about it. When I told my fiance about the ice, he admitted that he thought the ice was a good thing! If our AC was producing cool air then it made sense to see ice. The Heating and A/C specialist said he couldn’t have been more wrong though! Ice was a sign of a refrigerant leak or too much dirt on the coils. Thankfully, the ice was able to dethaw and the leaks were repaired. Now the two of us believe that if the two of us see ice, the two of us need to call a professional instantaneously.

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