In space, can they hear you freeze?

You know there was something I have typically and unintentionally wondered about.

And that is what they do in space these days for heating plus cooling system.

I think of all of those NASA engineers who risk their lives going in rocket ships to the distant realm of deep space. What i’d love to know is if they legitimately have some additional form of heating plus cooling system! For all I know the ambient temperatures in their space suits may be perfect. This definitely would make no need for any kind of heating plus cooling system outside of their gear. I think a lot of strange thoughts a lot of times, and so instead of regularly telling people or talking to them about it I write little blog posts on my website about it, however no one reads them. So what about heating plus cooling system while on a rocket journey to space, since I can’t get any answers? I think those NASA folks must be pretty boiling plus hot constantly sitting in those space suits for months at a time. The heavy oxygen tanks that they carry couldn’t provide heating or cooling inside their suits. But who knows, maybe it keeps them nice plus relaxed, nevertheless, with the right temperature inside. I think pretty deranged things occasionally! What’s legitimately stranger to me is that several programs i’ve seen on TV about space missions really have never mentioned heating or cooling system! Maybe i’ll get out my space pen and write NASA plus ask them myself. Wonder what they’d say?

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