Indian summer is difficult without air-conditioning

In certain parts of the country, July and August are the hottest months.

In other areas, July and August are mild compared to the heat of September and November.

The different weather patterns aren’t well understood by average people. I seems to be shifting slightly with changes in climate. Extremely hot Indian summers are linked to various wind patterns that span the globe. These have been said to be impacted by such things as emissions and waste production in different parts of the world. The challenge these Indian summers create is not only the extremes in temperatures they provide, but the unpredictability. Few people plan on truly hot and humid conditions in the fall season. This was the issue with me a few years back. One night in November, the air-conditioner quit. It was a fairly new component and had been working well until that moment. I woke up drenched in sweat and discovered that the air-conditioner was supplying warm air. The temperature outside had already climbed into the mid 70’s. It was even warmer inside since the building was trapping the heat and warming it. I tried everything to get the system up and running again. Nothing worked. I regretted not having the HVAC contractor service it the week before. However, I didn’t expect anything to malfunction and it was already mid November. By the time I contacted the HVAC contractor to check the component later that day, he was booked through the week. It seems that everyone’s air-conditioners were having problems because of the heat. Like me, everyone delayed getting proper HVAC service. I ended up calling a new HVAC company to repair the air conditioner. This company charged more than the usual HVAC contractor. At least he got the job done. Although, I had to wait a full week for him to install replacement parts. I couldn’t tolerate the heat in the house, so I stayed at a nearby hotel for the week. This was an additional and unexpected expense. I have learned my lesson. I won’t risk another Indian summer without air-conditioning.



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