Indoor comfort while working at home

Controlling my own heating and air conditioner is really the best part about having to work from home.

I really like being in control of my surroundings in all areas of my life.

If I’m driving, then I have to make sure that the heating and cooling settings in the car are just right. If they aren’t, then it causes me to be distracted. It’s the same way whenever I’m trying to work at the office or at home. The indoor air quality levels wherever I’m trying to work have to be at just the right hot and cold temperatures or I can’t concentrate. That’s one of the reasons that I am really enjoying working from home. I’ve been working at home since the shutdowns started about six months ago, and while I miss some of the things about working in the office, most of the time I really prefer working from home. That’s mainly because when I’m working from my own home, I am in absolute control of the HVAC settings. I don’t have to worry about anyone thinking that the heating system is running too much or that the air conditioning settings are too cold. When you’re working in an office environment, you have to make sure that the majority of people are comfortable with the thermostat settings. When I’m working from home, I only have to worry about myself! I have to say that it’s a big advantage to be able to keep my heating and cooling temperatures set at exactly the right levels for myself! If I’m too hot, I just turn the air conditioning on and forget about it.

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