Insurance pays for air purification system

I have been suffering from allergies and asthma for most of my life.

Last month, my doctor asked me if I had ever considered having a whole house air purification system installed.

I had heard about the whole house air purification system, but I also knew how expensive they were to have installed and to purchase. He told me that a lot of health insurance companies now paid for these system if you have the right qualifiers for your asthmas and/or allergies. I called my son, who is a HVAC technician and I asked him if he had ever heard of this. He told me that his company actually worked with insurance companies for people who had true medical situations that meant it was a necessity to have an air purification system. He was able to get me the proper paperwork to take to the doctor and have it filled out. Once the doctor took care of the paperwork, the HVAC company sent the paperwork into my insurance company. I was surprised at how quickly the insurance company worked to give me the approval to have my air purification system installed. I had to pay a nominal amount to the HVAC company. It was less than a tenth of the cost of what it would have cost me if I had the HVAC company install the air purification system without the insurance. Since I have had the air purification system installed, I feel better than I have ever felt in my life. They even put new air filters in the HVAC system and the insurance company pays the HVAC company a monthly fee to have my air filters delivered.



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