Just finished writing an HVAC manual

I am a writer, and I make a good living, although I am quite sure you have never read anything I have written.

I don’t write for entertainment, I write for education.

It is a very dry, informative style, one that highlights facts, not one you read for fun. I started out writing textbooks, but after a few years I got recruited by a company to compile and revise instruction manuals for commercial jobs. Sounds boring, right? It is boring, even for me! Over the last few months I’ve been working on a climate control system operations manual, and it may be the most boring job I’ve had yet! Everyone has an air conditioner, but very few people ever bother to learn anything about them, no matter how much they cost. I know just as much as you do, basically to change out the air filter, how to work the thermostat, and not much else. The company sets me up with experts, in this case HVAC techs, who provide all of the baseline information, and whatever step by step instructions are needed. It is my job to take all of this raw material and rewrite it to shape it into an HVAC manual that people can actually understand. In some regards I am a translator, because normal people don’t speak HVAC, so I have to take the jargon and translate it into words regular people use. It was an arduous process but I finally made it through, the manual is complete, the clients satisfied, and I know more about A/C than I ever thought possible.


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