Learned my lesson about using cheap air filters

I’ve always been told to just be myself no matter what.

Well, I thought I was just being myself when trying to find the best deals on air filters.

When I saw a 10 pack of air filters for only $10, I thought that was a steal! I wondered why I bothered to pay so much money for air filters when I could get them for so cheap. Well, I came to learn quickly that there was a good reason to use the pleated air filters over the cheaper fiberglass air filters. The pleated air filters I was using had a pretty good MERV rating which provided good air quality in my home. When I started using these extra cheap air filters, my air quality dropped significantly. It was fine for a little while, but then I started coughing and sneezing a lot in my home. I honestly had no idea what the problem was until a friend asked me about my air quality. He asked what air filters I was using and then I told him about the great deal I got on some good air filters not so long ago. He immediately told me to take those out and throw them away or return them because they were nothing but garbage. He told me that those cheap air filters were ruining my air quality and causing damage to my HVAC system. I honestly had no idea, I just wanted to get a good deal. So I decided to pick up some good quality pleated air filters again and my air quality went back to normal in no time.


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