Looking into some heater help

Once a year, I make sure my gas furnace receives regular maintenance. During this years appointment, the gas furnace was diagnosed with a few different problems. The same gas furnace repair specialist has been the guy who’s performed the check up for a few years so I trust his judgment. When you don’t have a warranty on a high priced item, like a gas furnace, you get a regular tune-up. It helps our gas furnace function better, and I feel it eliminates the possibility of a gas furnace fire. It helps lower our daily gas furnace expenses too because it’s not running as hard. The actual repair for whatever was wrong with my gas furnace was schedule for this week, but we had to reschedule at the last minute. The guy who usually does my repairs had an emergency commercial job that required all hands on deck. Since they had to reschedule minutes before my appointment time, they offered to repair the gas furnace at no charge. I was bummed that I had to wait for the repairs, but that feeling could easily get swept under the rug for a free gas furnace repair! I spent most of that day waiting to hear from the HVAC supplier for the day they wanted to reschedule. I was getting ready to start brunch, when I  received a call from my gas furnace guy, who said he could fix the issues that night if it wasn’t too late.I was happy to let him come over. I wanted to have it done, before the weather got any colder.

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