Wanting to fix the HVAC

I feel so sorry for my ever-tired husband, as he’s been busy with work lately. After getting up for work early every day, he leaves before the kids and I are even awake. Not arriving home until late in the evening, my husband has been working all the overtime that he can! We are saving for a vacation right now, and my hubby and I rarely take a real vacation. The people I was with and I have something planned for the middle of May though, as we’re going to spend a week on a tropical island! Every one of us have a few wild excursions planned, from scuba diving to snorkeling, and ATV riding in-between! The kids are totally excited, though I know my husband and I are even more eager to go. It’s a pretty high-priced vacation, so my husband has been working as hard as he can at his HVAC service company. The HVAC service company could certainly give my man a hundred hours or more each week if he wanted it! They are always busy with heating repairs, A/C unit installations, ventilation cleanings, and so much more. I genuinely believe they should open another store on the other side of town! I believe the city has enough people, and I’m pretty sure they would make plenty of money in the process. My spouse and his fellow HVAC service technicians always find themselves driving all over the city, so if they had another crew to spread out the jobs, maybe my husband could get back home at a decent time!

HVAC workman