Making home renovations this winter

Over the winter, we are renovating our family room and I have been looking forward to it for months! I have grand plans to totally revamp the space.

I want to get rid of my worn out couch and get all new furniture.

I’ve decided to rip up the carpets and get hardwood floors. We are going to paint the wall, upgrade the artwork, and even purchase a larger flat screen tv. I have spent weeks finalizing the layout of the family room and I finally have it. The one thing I had to work out was the heating method. My family room is quite far from the baseboard heating units located throughout the home. As a result, the family room is never heated to my liking. At times, I worry about my pipes getting too cold. It would be smart to add a heating method in the space. I started looking at ventless gas furnaces, but I wasn’t willing to give up the space for it. That means that I would lose furniture space, plus it would look clunky. I looked at a ductless mini split for the family room, however that mounts on the wall and would be in the way of the tv. I started looking for smaller, more discreet heating options. That is how I found heated flooring, which involves installing the heating under the floorboards so that it doesn’t take up space; and since it is electric heated mats, no air is rising to the ceiling, there are no chilly spots or operational noises. The electric heat feels amazing on your feet, too. Since my family room is quite small, the heated flooring cost was quite minimal. I’ve already scheduled the installation with my local heating and cooling company.
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