Market Requirements

Ever changing demands can be a huge challenge for just about any industry.

  • When it comes to certain ones, however, it can make things more difficult that others.

The company I work for is one of those. We manufacture HVAC systems for both residential and commercial properties and between climate changes and EPA requirements we are constantly trying to keep up with these ever changing policies and requirements. One year we are needed to downsize units and reduce emissions, the next year they want us to make them more eco-friendly by using biodegradable materials. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to understand that, at time, these two things are not easily accomplished at the same time. In order to contain harmful gases and make sure that the unit will last as long as the consumer expects it to, you can’t make the thing out of paper or plant based materials. None of them on the market will withstand the elements and use that an HVAC system goes through. We get that making the world a safer and cleaner place is important, but, the very use of heating and air conditioning to maintain climate control is harmful in general. If the world around us wanted to be all planet friendly, consumers would not try to change the temperature around them all the time. They would go back to using a fire in the winter and just opening up the windows in the warmer weather. Thankfully this is not the case or my company would be out of business. We do try and meet all the changing market needs as best we can and will continue to do so. My only hope is that the people who are requesting all these changes all the time will wake up and realize that some of them are just unrealistic.

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