Me and my boyfriend quarrel all the time

Me and my boyfriend have always fought about little things.

For example, he can’t stand it when I say I’m not hungry and then take food off his plate.

I can’t stand it when he leaves his dirty laundry all over the place. We would fight about various things when we weren’t living together. Now that we have decided to move in together, however, we fight even more. Prior to living together, my boyfriend warned me that he preferred a temperature of 76° on the thermostat in order to sleep comfortably at night. I always thought this was far too warm, and I have a preference of 72° or lower on the thermostat at night. We saw this problem a mile away when we moved into with each other, and sure enough, we would fight over the thermostat every night for a while. We would go to bed with the thermostat set to 72° and then he would get up and change it to 76° in the middle of the night. I would be able to tell, because I would wake up halfway through the night sweaty and unable to sleep. This went on for quite some time, and I think we were putting strain on the air conditioner from trying to accommodate both of our comfort levels. Finally, my boyfriend advocated that we get a tower fan for me. He did research that indicated that a fan would be able to cool down the room by a few degrees without changing the temperature on the thermostat. After I had the fan blowing on me at night, I have to admit that I was quite comfortable, even at 76°. I guess that’s one less thing to fight about.


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