More about heat pumps

I had been hearing about heat pumps for quite a while now. I wanted to find out more about these heat pumps and how they worked. The main thing that was a big positive about the heat pumps was that they were supposed to be energy savers. And, this day in age, with electric bills being expensive, this was something I really wanted to look into. What I found out from a friend, who happened to work in the heating and air conditioning business was very useful. Turns out, that a heat pump has a few parts to it. There is an indoor system called an air handler. The system that is outdoors is the actual heat pump. The outdoor system is very much like a standard HVAC unit. But in this case, the compressor pushes around refrigerant that takes in the heat, and then pushes through the indoor unit. I really thought this whole concept was beyond amazing! I was very interested in it. It was now time to price these heat pump systems and see if I could afford it. After looking on the internet a bit, and then making some phone calls to local heating and air conditioning companies, I found it was in my budget! You can bet I right away picked a make and model, then scheduled the heating and air conditioning specialist to come out for the installation. The installation was an all day task. But, after it was all done, I had finally got the heat pump I had been hearing so much about! Now, let’s see how much it saves me on my electric bills.