Did not lose the a/c in the storm

There are often storms in the area, especially while in the summertime season. There is so much heat and humidity in the air. The bunch of us usually have a thunderstorm every single day, around the same time. It’s basically just part of the summertime routine in this space of the country! Last month, the bunch of us had an unfamiliar tornado blow through the area. The bunch of us hardly ever have tornadic activity in this space of the country, but the weather events were just right for it. Lightning struck for almost an hour. My family and I were entirely scared, because the lightning was striking everywhere around our residence. It’s the most frightened that I have been, since being in the war. I really thought that our residence would be struck! At the the very least, I believed a tree could fall on our residence and demolish our lives. Around midnight, the sky opened up and bolts of lightning came from all over. A bolt of lightning struck the tree next to our residence, and it fell right on our garage. My family and I were spared harm, but the garage was easily disfigured. The minivan in the garage looked sort of like an accordion, our HVAC machine was crushed. The homeowners insurance covered all of the disfigurement, including paying for an up-to-date HVAC machine. My wife and I were fortunate in that area, because our HVAC machine was already 10 years of age. The two of us knew it would need to be replaced before the next cold season, and a bolt of lightning helped us with that actual problem. Our up-to-date HVAC machine is energy efficient and significantly greater.

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