Moving means no more gas furnace

When I saw the job posting come up, I sort of got the idea that this might be the time to go for it. The fact was that I’d put in my time and I knew my job. The company had approached be before about moving up. But moving up meant leaving the region I called home. And that region comes with plenty of Heating and Air Conditioning heating during our drastic winters. While this is the only sort of weather I’ve entirely ever known, the Wintertide still gets to me. I just get so tired of staying inside with the gas furnace going gang busters for weeks and weeks. Plus, I frankly got entirely sick of dealing with the high costs of heating. So when I saw that job posting, I decided to throw my hat in the ring. It diagnosed a number of levels. The new job would mean relocating to the south. The timing was also pretty great as my fiance and I had finalized our divorce. There were no adolescents and it was amicable for sure. Still, I was entirely up for something completely different. I heard all the horror stories about the beast of a summer. Everyone said I’d be stuck inside the Heating and Air Conditioning cooling more than I was inside the lake house with the gas furnace cranking. I took all of that in stride. Now that I’m celebrating numerous years of living down here, I have to say that I was so not stuck inside the Heating and Air Conditioning cooling for the entire summer. For sure, Heating and Air Conditioning cooling is imperative but the afternoons and nights are still elegant in this region even at the hottest section of summer.

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