My charcoal furnace filters aren't made to last anymore

I hate how a lot of products have changed since inflation.

A lot of companies did two things at the same time.

On the one hand they raised prices, while on the other hand they also lowered quality control. A lot of products are made more cheaply than they were before. I wish they could have just raised the price on these products instead of making them with lower quality standards. For instance, I have observed that all of the garbage bags that I used to buy are now a lot thinner than before. This is very bad for garbage bags because they’re easy to puncture with the items that go in the trash. If I’m already paying for a particular thickness, I don’t want that same box to get thinner in a few months down the road as inflation goes up even higher. My charcoal coded furnace filters also saw a drastic drop in quality. Before the charcoal crystals on the furnace filters were stuck to the surfaces and never came off. They did not become discharged in the system easily. But now, these Heating and A/C and furnace filters are regularly coated in charcoal as I use them in my heating and cooling system. They can shed and fall off and get stuck inside of the heat exchanger for instance. I had to call my heating and cooling supplier to send out a serviceman to clean all of the charcoal crystals in my furnace. This procedure was not covered by my manufacturer warranty, so all of the costs to get the furnace washed came out of my pocket

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