My dad is okay with this

After my dad and I moved away from my mom, we decided to make a fresh start in Tampa. My mom was in prison in Santa Rosa, and my dad didn’t want us anywhere near that place. He decided to move us all the way to Tampa, Florida. That is quite a distance from my birthplace. At first, I was very sad and depressed. I was young, but I knew that my mom was in prison and I wouldn’t see her for a very long time. My dad kept telling me that Tampa, Florida would be a fresh, new start. I tried to believe him, but I missed my friends and family. It took a long time, but I eventually made new friends and started a whole new life in Tampa, Fl. That was almost 20 years ago, and I have never looked back to that day. I enjoy my life in Tampa, Florida, and my dad has been the best parent that any person could want. He has been a wonderful father and a great mother too. My dad worked two jobs in Tampa, Florida, so I could attend a private school in the area. I graduated from school a few years ago, and received a scholarship to a local Tampa University. I didn’t understand my dad’s decision when I was young, but I know he did the right thing. My mom will get out of prison and a couple of years, and I hope she will be able to make a nice life for herself. I’m happy to stay right here in Tampa, Florida with my dad and my friends.

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