My dad owned a pizza shop

My dad used to let me go down to the pizza shop and help out with doing dishes and even serving. Since we didn’t have any alcoholic beverages, the only thing I couldn’t legally do was to work on the slicers or the pizza ovens. I remember how extremely hot it was in that pizza shop. Although the main sitting area was kept cool and comfortable, the rest of the kitchen was unbearable. I’m not sure how my dad and the other pizza makers were able to handle the situation. Without the air conditioning, I was sweating so badly that I was getting a headache. My eyes hurt from the sweat going into my eyes. I was always telling dad that we needed air conditioning and he would tell me to quit complaining. He said the heat would feel good come winter, but I wasn’t so sure. I must have complained one too many times because he left me go from the job. One day I was on the schedule and the next day I wasn’t. Now that I have gotten older, I realize that working in a restaurant isn’t an ideal job for me. I wanted to always have perfect heating and air conditioning and I wasn’t willing to compromise. I graduated from high school and I went right into the job of HVAC. I went to get my certification and I knew that I would never need to worry about poor heating and air conditioning, again. If my dad were still around, I would be working in that pizza shop again, only this time I would be installing air conditioning in the kitchen.


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