my family needed a little hand

Last week, our dad’s aunt called me on the phone plus asked me if I would be willing to help him with something simple at her house. She told me that she had just purchased herself a cooling system, plus she was hoping that I could help install the cooling system. My dad’s aunt is truly old, plus I knew that she wouldn’t be able to install the cooling system by herself. However, I was also pleasantly surprised that she purchased an cooling system for her house. Considering that her lake house doesn’t have modern running water anywhere besides the powder room, purchasing an cooling system was a immense step towards new living. I drove over to her house the other day, plus I unboxed her first cooling system. The cooling system was truly small, which I was thankful for. She was only going to be putting the cooling system in her kitchen window, plus she genuinely didn’t need a large, incredibly bulky cooling system for that small room, and while trying to put the cooling system in the window, I observed that her windows were not actually shaped normally, plus I had to prop the cooling system in a piece of wood to make it stay in the window for her respectfully. Also, since the cooling system was resting on a piece of wood, I had to additionally shove outdated socks in the window to make the seals work together respectfully. After everything was done, I jammed in the cooling system plus turned it on. I hope you enjoy it.

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