My furnace recently got recalled!!

I never knew that furnaces experience recalls.

I have heard a lot of talk about both vehicles and cars being recalled because of safety reasons.

However, since I don’t typically purchase a furnace very often, I didn’t know that furnaces or any HVAC units, in general, could be recalled. However, after purchasing a new furnace last year due to a severe malfunction in my old furnace, I read an article online about a recent furnace recall that was in effect. Apparently, the recall affected those who had purchased furnaces sold under different brand names but all manufactured by the same manufacturer. They were claiming that the malfunction in these furnaces was a huge fire hazard, and they offered to either repair or replace the furnace to make it right. I checked the paperwork on my furnace and discovered that my furane was one of the furnaces that had a recall for it. I called the number on the HVAC site, and they scheduled a time when one of their professional HVAC technicians would come to my house and see what needed to be done. A few days later, an HVAC technician showed up to my house and began inspecting my furnace. He told me that my furnace wouldn’t need to be replaced but just repaired. I was thankful that I noticed this furnace recall, and I am also thankful that they recalled it during the summer when using the furnace wouldn’t be necessary! Kuddos for the HVAC company that was willing to own up to their mistake and cover the cost of fixing people’s furnaces!

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