My husband needs an air purifier

A few years ago I decided that I was going to purchase an air purification plan for my husband’s birthday.

He is always coughing and sneezing and he wakes up feeling sick on most days.

He hated that his allergies would flare up and make him stuffy. I extensively researched some options to provide my husband some relief from his allergies in the house. I soon learned that an air purification system was the best option. I even talked to our local Heating plus Air Conditioning business about the best 1. I then settled on a media air cleaner that installs right in the return ducts of our Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment. As the air passes through the HVAC ducts, it is getting cleaned, which prevents any dirt, dust or odors from passing through the vents. My husband’s allergies would be better and he would be breathing clearer… The only thing I would need to do is get a yearly repair plan on the air purification system from our Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation. That sounded easy enough! When I was ready to hire out the work, COVID happened. All business shut down leaving me out of luck. I figured the virus would be fleeting and intended to reschedule for a month or two down the line. Little did I know, it would take years to return to normalcy. Once everything opened back up, I should have gotten on it by purchasing our media air cleaner right away. I didn’t realize there was a rush! Since the virus is an airborne 1, all the people wanted media air cleaners. They were all sold out within a few weeks. I can’t get my hands on it anywhere. I suppose my husband is left to suffer through allergy season. Maybe we can get one next year.

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