My last living place had so many issues with the A/C

I finally got settled into our current place, and had a housewarming party with friends.

  • I don’t have a lot of friends, which in this instance is good because I don’t have a lot of space! This place is not really big at all, and a little shabby if I am being honest, but it is such an upgrade from our last rental I can’t even complain, then at least this home building has a super, so if there is an issue I have someone to call.

The last place I only had the owner to call, who would constantly tell me to fix it myself, whatever it was. The worst thing was the air conditioner, because the central method in that place was older than I am, I swear to you. It worked poorly at first, eventually died, and the owner told me to go buy a window mounted air conditioner system and make do with that. Of course he would not reimburse me for that AC unit, and that turned into a whole big confrontation. Wait, it gets worse, because when I moved out the owner demanded that I leave the AC unit behind, even though I was the one who paid for it. Finally I let it go, walked away, and left the little AC unit in the window where I had mounted it. It wasn’t worth the hassle to me. Three weeks later I went over there in the middle of the night with a crowbar, and I smashed the air conditioner system to pieces from the outside — I don’t want it, but I’ll be damned if I let him have it.