My new carpet got ruined

I had just got new carpeting in my home.

I was so happy to finally get it, and then you would never believe what happened.

I actually ended up messing up my new carpeting because of a small oversight I didn’t think of before hand. My central heating and air conditioning system had been working overtime for some reason, and there was tons of condensation coming from the air vents. This meant water dripping down all over the new carpet. I didn’t think anything of it or how bad it was going to get. But within a few weeks, the central heating and air conditioning system’s condensation ended up causing my new carpeting to get some mold on it from all the water! I was so mad! I had to call the local heating and air conditioning company first to see if I needed a brand new and up to date central heat and a/c system or if they could fix this problem. Lucky for me they were actually able to fix it! I won’t go into what the whole issue was, but it was a pretty complex one and it cost me a lot of money in heating and air conditioning repair. But it’s all fixed now. The next thing was to have to replace half of the new carpeting! That made me double angry! But once I blew that cash and got it done, there was no more issues with the central heating and air conditioning system condensation and my new carpeting was safe and not in danger anymore!


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