No AC at a southern outdoor concert

In the north any concert has to be done inside.

No matter what time of year, nothing is safe.

There is a chance of rain, snow and cold at all times, even in the summer. When I moved down south it was quite a change. In the south they do concerts outside in the heat. The most recent one I went to made me miss the northern indoor concerts. The concert was in the spring and the weather got up into the 80s. I was not in a covered section and instead under the hot sun. I also was jammed in a large group of people who were shoulder to shoulder. I could feel the heat and body sweat all over myself. It was a sticky, stinky mess. For indoor concerts, that random hot day would inspire cooling indoors. I always knew that closer to the stage would have AC for the musicians. In the south do they not get this? Do the musicians just sweat buckets and need to deal with it? I can’t imagine performing under the lights with the many bodies packed in one area. The movement and adrenaline would make you sweat too. The concert I was at did not have a backdoor room. It was basically just behind a curtain. So no way did the guys have air conditioning waiting for them. At most, someone doused them with water and gave them clean clothes. I would have liked that standing in the audience. I don’t know how southerns get by with no AC for an entire concert.


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