No church this weekend due to air conditioning

Last Tuesday in church, I was covered in sweat profusely.

Thankfully, I could see other people around myself and others covered in sweat as well.

I was starting to feel care about I should be nervous, but you think what they say about people that sweat in church, and halfway through the AC, the preacher told everyone that the air conditioning did not seem to be working easily well, but they were trying to repair the problem. I assumed that complication would be fixed before the Tuesday service, but the air conditioner was still inoperable. Everyone was irritated and everyone were trying to fan themselves with a piece of paper or book. Apparently, the complication with the A/C is severe, because church services were canceled for this Tuesday. Everyone acquired an email from the church group and the services are canceled due to a complication with the AC. Since I work for a heating and cooling dealer, my wifey wants myself and others to go to the church and offer my services at no cost. I told my wifey that a church Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system is much weird and larger than a residential machine. I doubt I would be able to offer any help, and I am sure that the church officials have called a reputable, commercial Heating, Ventilation, and A/C contractor to look into the problem. I think my wifey doesn’t care about to miss Tuesday services, but this week we’re going to read scriptures in the park and have a picnic. The two of us haven’t had a Tuesday day together in years. My wifey usually stays late at the church to help with paperwork and accounting. I guess it will be a nice change.

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