Our part is prone to power outages which leads to a loss of Heating plus A/C

Both of us must live in a pretty dilapidated part of our power grid, because a stiff breeze often seems enough to knock out our power! It can entirely get frustrating at times! We’ve had the power go out right in the middle of an important pigskin game! We’ve also had the power go out right before we are getting ready to cook dinner! Often, the reason is nothing more than a particularally windy afternoon or a thunderstorm passing through, however other times, the weather is honorableoutside plus the only thing the two of us can guess of is that a squirrel fried itself on a power line! The summers get absolutely sizzling around here, so perhaps the most frustrating part is losing a/c. There’s nothing worse than having to endure an entire sizzling plus humid night in the Summer with no a/c because the power crews could not get it together after a particularally bad Summer thunderstorm! This reason plus this reason alone has made us decide that the two of us are going to buy a generator soon. Both of us just do not like going without a/c in this heat. I just wish the city would get its act together plus fix our part of the power grid so that the two of us do not have to worry about this sort of thing anymore. It’s deranged that I have to drop a few thoUSnd dollars on a generator at the undoubtedly least, just to ensure that I have a/c on a sizzling Summer afternoon or night. And do not get me started on hurricane season. Both of us are constantly the first to lose power!

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