Participating in pageant fitness training

I would jump rope.

My little sister grew up competing in beauty pageants and competitions. When she was little, she only needed to look cute, wear special outfits and perform a talent. As my sister grew older, she learned that she needed to put more effort into her appearance, confidence and poise. There is a line between being healthy thin and too thin. My sister was a bit soft all over and had no muscle tone. In order to compete at the level she wanted, my sister decided to sign up for personal training. Fortunately, our city has a core progression fitness center located nearby. My sister decided to take pageant designed fitness classes. I didn’t want her to do it on her own, so she and I did semi-private fitness training together. It was really helpful that the personal trainer didn’t have a workout plan written in stone. I assumed we were going to strictly do exercises geared towards pageant competitions. My sister was required to do a lot of weight training. She lifted very low weights for high repetitions in order to tone her arms without adding bulk. She utilized all different types of weight lifting machines to work the muscles in her legs, shoulders and butt. Also, the trainer had my sister try a lot of yoga poses and positions. For me, the fitness trainer focused more on cardio workouts and heavier weights. I used mostly rowing machines, treadmills, battle ropes and stationary bikes. I would jump rope. It was fun for my sister and I. Although our workouts were different, we shared the experience. My sister is no longer competing in pageants. We have decided to continue taking the fitness class together.