Putting off installation was a bad choice

My dad has always been a person who does things at the last minute.

This personality trait drives me crazy because I like to be prepared for just about anything all the time.

My mom just smiles when she sees dad running around like crazy trying to get something done. She says it is his own fault because, with a bit of planning, his life would be much simpler. The latest thing that happened ended up costing my parents more money than the had planned for due to dad’s procrastination. It was the middle of July when he finally decided to put in the air conditioners. We don’t have central air at our house and each bedroom has it’s own window unit as does the living room. It is a big job to put in all of them for the season but if dad would do one each weekend it would be better than trying to do them all at once. He was in such a rush to complete the job that he never even checked the filters before turning them on. One of them had been used for a mouse nest over the winter and when he turned the blower on it sucked all of the debris into the unit itself. Thankfully it wasn’t the one in my room. The smell was awful and he ended up having to call an HVAC repairman out to the house to look at it. He didn’t want to put it in his car due to the smell so he hauled it out to the garage for the guy to work on it. The repair was that much but it was enough to make him decide to do things more timely next season.

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