Reconnecting with an old buddy

When I am in town, I never have the time to reconnect with all of my friends and family.

There is so much on my plate, and it is always a short window of time.

I decided that I wanted to take an extended trip, so I blocked off some time and am spending the summer in my hometown with my kids. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of reconnecting with one of my childhood friends, Jake. We grew up as next door neighbors. The two of us went out for a drink and just hung out for a while. I told him about our disastrous crypto investment, and he updated me on his success in the Heating plus Air Conditioning industry. He owns his own Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation plus has a ton of clients. I happened to get a chunk of currency at the wrong time plus put it all in cryptos to watch 65% of it disappear. Maybe I could talk to Jake about doing some a/c tune ups or something like that. I’m pretty skilled at repairing the Heating plus Air Conditioning machine, as I have spent many years now working in the field. While I will be returning home at the end of the summer, it would be helpful to work while I am here and make a little extra money. I could learn about some of the latest HVAC technology and really feel like this summer was worthwhile. His shop is close to where we are staying, and I think he’d let me be flexible. If I worked just a few days a week, I could set aside some money and this trip would be even more worthwhile.

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