Reducing HVAC kilowatt hours saves money and adds life to HVAC

Change has never really been my friend.

I tend to be the type who, when presented with a big new thing, will instinctively stick to what’s known.

While I find security in structure, that isn’t the main motivating factor when facing change. I think it simply is that I am afraid of new stuff on a number of levels that I simply am unable to recognize. So, I resist more than I ever embrace something new. So, when I was faced with changing my behavior with regard to the heating and cooling of my home, I was not pleased. But, I also knew it had to happen. Our utility bills, related to our HVAC use, were just getting out of control. I talked with the local HVAC people to help me with some strategies to lower the cost of the heating and cooling. The heating really isn’t the problem because we are in a great place as far a winter weather is concerned. The big problem is the summer heat. I have always retreated from the heat outside during that grueling four month stretch where it feels as though we are living on the sun. I hide inside my home and crank the HVAC cooling. As a result, the HVAC is working like mad to keep up and this puts added wear and tear on the unit. Not only am I paying through the nose for HVAC cooling, I am adding a bunch of undue stress on the equipment as well. The first thing the HVAC people told me is the thing I dreaded the most. I had to learn how to deal with my house being a bit warmer as the outside heat peaked. This was the change I had feared most.


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