Reeking trash makes whole house stink

The garbage schedule for my home is every other Tuesday.

Unfortunately, it seems like our garbage collector is just in tirely late.

We only have a single garbage collector for the whole neighborhood, and it seems like the guy takes advantage of that power. For instance, the small or even large holidays mean our garbage guy won’t come round. He also changes days each time there is a scheduled pickup. Sometimes trash day will be Tuesday, Wednesday, or even Thursday one week. Since the trash tends to sit in our garage for a few days, the whole garage begins to stink from the poor air quality. The two of us don’t have any heat or air conditioning equipment in the garage where the garbage cans seem to be capped. This is the worst smell, because all of that trash starts to wreak after a week. It would be best to know exactly what garbage day is coming, so every one of us can be prepared. Until then, my partner in addition to myself have been researching Heating in addition to cooling equipment that can actually wash the air as well too. I’m not sure if we’ll find anything great in that window air cleaner product category, but I am hopeful that someone else out there has thought of this idea first. The heating + air conditioning system will be powerful enough to help with the garage, as long as we can duct tape it to the system right away. The smells are worse than anything else in the whole damn house.


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