Sand castle building contest

After I moved out of my parents’ place, and started living with my sister in our own apartment, I wanted to start enjoying my new found freedoms.

I decided that I would go to the beach every week. Me and my sister used to be brought to the beach all the time when we were 10 and under. For some reason though, these trips stopped and I realized how much I missed them. We both headed to the beach early, so we would have most of the day. We then started redoing all of the things we did in the past, like splashing in the water and jumping over the waves. Then up to relaxing on the beach, and eventually to building sandcastles. As my sister and I built, I had a fun idea to come to my mind. I challenged my sister to sandcastle building contest, we quickly got our buckets and started building the biggest we could make without it toppling over. I was quickly losing, so in playful fun I tackled her castle down, and she did the same thing to mine. It brought back so many good memories. Unfortunately, with more freedoms also came more responsibilities, and we had to still go back home early enough to call an HVAC specialist place, before they closed. We still haven’t been able to find out an appropriate, HVAC method. Me and my sister are conflicted on what kind of heating and cooling system we are looking for, and it has been much of a debate. I would prefer a bit more old fashioned, reliable and tested a/c or furnace. My sister however, wanted something newer like the smart thermostat. Hopefully the HVAC tech can give us insight on what would work best for our situation.