Saving energy with less AC use

These days I’m doing everything in my power to save a buck.

I really need to build up my savings account once and for all.

You see I just went through some pretty big life changes, and I need to get myself back on my feet. That’s why I’m working extra hard to earn and save as much money as I possibly can. Some of those measures have included taking on additional work to earn more money, reducing my recreational spending, and finding new ways to cut Necessities in my life. I’ve been grocery shopping for less than $40 a week. I haven’t eaten out in months. I’ve reduced my car insurance to a really basic program. And I’ve been recycling old clothes to make them new again. Another thing that I’m really excited about is cutting down on my air conditioning usage. You see I live in a really hot part of the country, and there aren’t many options for surviving the summer without using a lot of AC. All last year I shelled out tons of cash to the energy company in order to keep my AC unit up and running. It was incredibly expensive, and honestly, not all that comfortable. In order to increase my cooling power without increasing my monthly bills, I’ve decided to call out the best HVAC company in the city. They came out last week and started making helpful recommendations for ways I could cut my energy costs. I’ve already had my air ducts cleaned my AC unit serviced, and now I’m considering installing all new equipment. I might need to invest a little, but in the end I think I can save big bucks on my AC.

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