HVAC on the plane

I don’t know if you’ve been on a long international flight recently, but I can tell you you aren’t missing out on anything.

They are possibly in my least favorite part of this modern life.

If there is a way that I could avoid ever getting trapped on an airplane for 10 or 12 hours at a time again, I would jump on it. I guess I could just refuse to travel. But that isn’t a real option in my line of work. See I have to travel the world negotiating deals for my current company. It’s a big job but I enjoy the responsibility. I also enjoy seeing new sights… I just don’t really love the view from the plane. The thing that’s so uncomfortable for me is the stagnant, canned air that you have to breathe on a plane. Nobody ever has enough control over the air temperature as far as I’m concerned. The only thing on your side is that tiny AC vent overhead. There is no heating available, if you happen to be cold. Which I do. I’m routinely so cold on airplanes that I wind up wrapping myself in every layer I have on hand and rubbing my hands together for hours on end. I never feel like I have fresh high-quality air around me, and it feels blisteringly cold as it flows over my face and skin. Other people might not have such problems with the ventilation on airplanes, but when you spend half of your life flying the skies, it becomes a pretty big deal.

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