Selling me HVAC

I have had a lot of odd door to door salesmen at our door over the years, but until last week, I had never seen or heard of a door to door heating and air conditioner salesman.

Sure, I have seen and heard of local heating and air conditioner companies going door to door trying to sell their Heating as well as A/C service plans, but not trying to sell actual heating and cooling equipment! This salesman who was at our door was trying to get me to buy everything from a honestly extravagant current heating and air conditioner unit, to oil furnace filters (when I do not even have a oil furnace), and he even tried to sell me a portable air conditioner unit, when I absolutely have a single of the best central heating and cooling systems on the market! These salesmen can be ruthless.

But, there was something about this Heating as well as A/C salesman that was a bit more honorablethan the typical lying salesmen that will tell you anything to rob you blind! This heating and cooling salesman was absolutely believing in the heating and cooling products he was trying to sell. He seemed so honest, that if I didn’t absolutely have all our heating and air conditioner needs already taken care of, I possibly may have purchased some kind of heating and air conditioner products from him! Which would have been a first! I never buy anything from door to door salespeople, and entirely never will in this lifetime otherwise… Unless of course, someone like this heating and cooling salesman shows up with something useful.



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