She is ruining my fitness class

My brother recently proposed to his longtime girlfriend Wendy.

The two of us have never really gotten along.

The issue is that we don’t have anything to talk about. There is no common ground between us. Wendy is going to be my sister in law soon, so I have decided to make an effort. I signed her up for a group fitness class. Two days a week we have a class with a personal trainer at the local core progression. I look forward to my classes. I love doing a group work out and getting motivated. The personal trainer is just amazing. He is always pushing us to do one more rep, go faster and be better. I am losing so much weight and having a blast. Wendy hates going to the class every week. She complains bitterly when the day has come. She doesn’t do all the exercises that the trainer gives her. She doesn’t do one more rep or go faster when instructed. Typically she half does the exercises and says our trainer is mean. I am appalled by her behavior. I really don’t want to be associated with her in the class. She is the only one being a brat in the class. I have to partner her too and I don’t like doing that either. I want to push each other and do everything the trainer says. Wendy frequently will just quit. I guess a fitness class is not the thing that connects us as friends. I want to tell her not to come anymore.

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