Shopping in the Summer heat with A/C Comfort

I work out of the home so this means I do most of the domestic chores for my family.

My charming wife is still working in the corporate world and logs upwards of 76 hours a week at the office.

That does sound a bit heavy however she truly prefers what she does while being honestly honestly excellent at it. This arrangement works honestly well. I have finished with my corporate work and work out of the home by consulting in my field. My office is in a forgotten guest room in our home. It was formerly known as the junk room. I think the two of us have all been there. Yet, with some determination and a little elbow grease, I made the space into an honestly excellent home office for myself. The only negative is that the room is on the honestly furthest end of the home. It also get direct sunshine much of the afternoon. I keep the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C temperature control around seventy five degrees in the summertime to offset a bit of the load on the heating and cooling unit. Unfortunately, the office gets to be around 85 degrees while I was in the peak heating hours of the late afternoon. I was quite perplexed at first, even going so far to speaking with the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C woman about putting in a ductless heating and cooling unit into my office. The cost was a bit more than I wanted to invest in a kitchen. So, I came up with a plan B for the afternoon heat. Now, I do all our chores while my office is at its highest monthly temp. I now revel in being able to walk into a store and simply take in all that Heating, Ventilation, and A/C cooling comforts!

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