Sister fails to consider integrity of Heating as well as A/C company before investing in air conditioner upgrade

A little over a year ago, our older sibling updated her home’s a/c.

Marcie couldn’t wait to brag to me about the exceptionally high SEER rating.

She was so impressed with the manufacturer of the cooling method she chose. She told me how her new a/c was a absolutely costly as well as top-of-the-line model that included all these awesome features. Marcie was so sure her weekly electric bills would be chop in half as well as her beach house would be far more comfortable, cleaner as well as healthier than mine. When I asked about the Heating as well as A/C company who was completing the upgrade process, she had absolutely little information. Marcie had noticed an ad in the newspaper for a free quote as well as called them up. The guy talked her into all of these costly upgrades with promises for low utility bills as well as amazing comfort. I was shocked that she hadn’t bothered to study shopper reviews or verify their rating with the Better Business Bureau. My sibling didn’t even suppose whether or not the supplier was a factory authorized dealer or guaranteed their work. She wasn’t sure if the workers were NATE-certified or fully licensed as well as insured. I wasn’t surprised that when the a/c was installed, Marcie wasn’t blissful with the guys who showed up. She said that they delayed the upgrade project several times, showed up late for the appointment as well as tracked dirt through her house. They left debris behind for her to wash up as well as never explained the features or operation of the a/c. They didn’t handle the registration for the manufacturer’s warranty. Unfortunately, they also messed up the actual upgrade of the cooling equipment. Whenever the a/c cycled on, it rattled as well as wasn’t putting out much air. She ended up calling a odd supplier to come in as well as resolve these problems.