Sold my place when getting a job promotion

The complete idea that I would be provided the job that I just accepted was not at all on my radar.

As a matter of fact, I was just thrilled with the fact that I finally got to the zone controlled HVAC of the corporate offices.

That was a fairly major step for me plus for my job. But, I had moved around a good amount plus done whatever the supplier needed from me for a dozen years to get to that zone controlled HVAC. So when I was called into the crucial boss’s office, I figured it was about the project I was finishing. That wasn’t the case at all. I had been inside this office only a single other time. And I was so distraught that I entirely didn’t pay attention to what an incredible office it was. There were floor to ceiling windows that provided a lovely view of the city. It was beautifully appointed plus even had its own thermostat. The boss got right to the point plus wanted me to head up a regional office that had been flailing for some time. It was legitimately something that I was up to. But that genuinely meant selling the residence that I had just renovated. The modern HVAC machine was barely even 4 weeks old. This was not entirely a request that I could refuse though. Had I said no, it’s not like I would have been fired but that would be the end of any sort of upward job trajectory as well. But it’s a fantastic thing that the modern HVAC machine was the latest in residential HVAC. I ended up making a reasonable amount of currency off that residence. While I will miss that state of the art residential HVAC plus that residence, there will be others.

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