Southern weather and air conditioning

In the north, most concerts are held inside.

No matter the time of year, the weather is never safe.

There is always the chance of rain, snow and cold at all times, even during the summer. When I moved south, it was a big change. In the south, they hold concerts outside in the heat. The most recent concert I attended made me slightly miss the northern indoor venues. The concert was held in the Spring and even so early in the year, the weather climbed up into the low eighties. I was not in a shaded area and was exposed to the blazing sun. I also was crammed into a tight crowd of people who stood shoulder to shoulder. I felt the heat and body all over myself. I was a sticky, smelly mess. With indoor concerts, a hot and humid evening would result in the operation of the cooling system. I knew that the area closer to the stage would be perfectly cooled for the musicians. In the south, they do not seemed concerned about this. I guess the musicians just sweat buckets and are forced to deal with it. I can’t imagine performing under hot lights with so many bodies packed in a single arena. The adrenaline would make you overheated as well. The concert I attended had no backstage area at all It was basically just a stage with a curtain behind it. So no way did the musicians have air conditioner waiting for them in a dressing room. At most, I’m guessing someone sprayed them with water and offered up a change of clothes. I would have liked some air conditioning while sitting in the audience. I don’t know how southerns endure summer concerts with no A/C.
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