Spending time with my daughter

My daughter is arguably the sweetest and cutest darn thing in this world.

I may be biased, since I am the mother.

But I still think she is more adorable than any child I have even seen before. I spend as much time with her as I can. I do work full time at an Heating plus Air Conditioning shop. My daughter has a lot of fun at her daycare, but I think that I should be with her more often than I really am. The woes of being a single working mom. I take every chance possible to spend time with my little girl. In the mornings, I wake her up plus involve her in my morning routine. Both of us brush our teeth together, eat a snack together, plus review our Heating plus Air Conditioning schedule for the day. After work, I pick her up from her daycare plus both of us head home for the evening. Occasionally I stop to get her ice cream, she enjoys that! I then make and eat dinner followed by playing outside if the weather permits. The two of us also enjoy watching TV plus playing board games. Before bed, both of us brush our teeth for the second time, I take a shower and she takes a bath, plus it is time for bed. She will not fall asleep without her bedtime story though. Her number one story is about the bad guy that gets pushed into the gas furnace. She used to be scared of furnaces, so I made up the story where only bad people get hurt by them.

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